Children who are asked to build their future home will probably all want to create a playroom. That goes without saying, for a home is synonymous with togetherness, cosiness and intimacy. Active and passive activities play a large part in every home. Moments of rest and action follow one another. This situation is a bit like the weather in the Netherlands. It differs from day to day, and it surprises us again and again. In the course of the years we have learned to gain the right balance. A similar balance should exist between our home and its direct surroundings. Outside we are active, engaging in sports and playing games; inside there is a reaction to action... Each house has a wooden beam to which you can attach something. No matter how modern, traditional, large or small the house is, you only need two holes. And can start swinging. Moving gently and daydreaming in your own home. The swing is based on the design of a domino box and can be bought as a box with the ropes included. For the outdoors it is an active swing; for the indoors it is meant for relaxing, studying and having a chat.