Design... widening your horizon

It is important to open up to the future and pay attention to everything that goes on in the world around us. That is why we should undertake to cross boundaries, both figuratively and literally. The distance between societies, economies and cultures becomes smaller and smaller. The windows offering a view of the world are wide open. New media have made the world smaller and brought it into our homes. I am convinced that opening up to other cultures will not only broaden my professional skills but will also help me to work on my personal skills, such as taking initiative, gaining experience, learning to work independently in a new environment, taking chances and conquering ‘threats’. These are all competences that contribute to my social skills development. But it goes without saying that the professional interaction with other internationally oriented students, teachers, designers and associated institutions is equally important. I would experience all thisas a challenging means to further developing an artistic vision of my own. 


• Internship Kiki van Eijk / Eindhoven, The Netherlands



• Shell Eco marathon Design Award / RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Winner Gift Preuvenemint 2011-2015 / Maastricht, The Netherlands